The Dawson Balanced Door

Balanced Door Installation Video
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What makes Dawson the MVP of balanced door manufacturing? In our industry, we believe “MVP” stands for the Manufacturer Vendors Prefer. Dawson incorporates the most innovative technology with exceptional attention to detail to ensure superior quality.

Dawson Balanced Doors comply with the strictest building codes and ADA guidelines. Balanced doors are available in both stainless steel and bronze, and in our Custom and Designer series, as well as ultra narrow stile, all glass, and aluminum extrusions (anodized, painted, or clad).

Our top and bottom pivot arms are manufactured from either stainless steel or bronze castings to match the door material. Among the features which distinguish our balanced hardware as innovative and groundbreaking is that the operating mechanism is located in the head instead of the floor. Installation is simple, adjustments are easy, and no “groundbreaking” into the floor is required!

Dare to Compare

Balanced Door Illustration

Illustration showing the elliptical arc operation of the Dawson Balanced Door

What makes our balanced product superior to others? Here are some of the reasons DAWSON’S products are in high demand:

Dawson manufactures stainless steel castings to match stainless steel doors, and bronze castings to match bronze doors. There is no dissimilar metal reaction.

All manufacturers of balanced hardware produce one-piece cast arms and door pivots. “Others” use bronze cast arms on stainless doors which will oxidize over time and require costly maintenance.

Dawson uses self-aligning needle bearings in all door pivots.

“Others” use plastic sleeve bearings.

Dawson uses a 1.9” diameter steel tube welded to the arms.

“Others” use a 1.75” diameter steel tube hinge shaft.

Dawson makes our one-piece guide box cast from stainless steel, which is 50% stronger, more than twice as hard, and will not discolor due to corrosion. The Dawson guide box has a larger cross sectional area for strength, and incorporates a trim plate to match the frame material.

“Others’ ” guide box is manufactured from one piece cast bronze.

Dawson offers a 10-year warranty, but utilizes a check mechanism by LCN - the best in the world - made of cast iron, a superior material for use in check mechanisms.

“Others” build their check mechanism from cast bronze and offer a 10-year warranty.

Dawson's product integrates all the controls (spring tension, swing speed and latch speed) in the header. This location not only offers protection from dirt and corrosion, but allows for ease of installation as well as easy access for adjustments in the guide channel without having to remove the door from the opening.

“Others’ ” hardware is difficult to adjust because the gear box is located below the threshold grade. This means the floor must be cut (or an appropriate space ‘boxed out’) to accommodate the hardware. This location exposes the mechanism to dirt, water, salt, and other contaminates which can cause corrosion and make adjustment difficult.

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